How to Encrypt Messages using NouveauPG

OpenPGP allows you to pass secure data (like an address on a market site) across an insecure channel such websites, forums, and even private e-mail.

To decrypt messages, you first must generate a key pair before anyone can encrypt messages for you.

The key pair has a public part and a private part.

Often the public part is called a public key certificate.

If you only want to send encrypted messages to another party using OpenPGP, you do not need to generate a key. You need to get the public key certificate of the intended recipient.

Copy the public key certificate to the clipboard

Copy the public key certificate to your clipboard.

Importing clipboard contents into NouveauPG

Import the public key certificate from your clipboard.

Composing a message

Make sure it is selected as your current recipient. Press encrypt.



1.01b update released

There was a defect in the last build that seemed to be causing problems for a few users. If you attempted to write to the local database while the program is on a read only medium (like the compressed disk image NouveauPG is distributed in) the write failed silently and users were left wondering why they could not import or create PGP key pairs.

As of version 1.01b, NouveauPG displays a dialog when a write fails and no longer gives any indication that the operation succeeded. Apparently this distribution method is confusing for some, but I have decided to stay with compressed disk images because it seems to be the standard (outside of the app store, of course). Although this method is more confusing, it has always been a goal of this project to produce an application bundle that can be shuffled between computers on removable media.

I have tried to illustrate the installation process below. I appreciate those that have provided feedback, I don’t think I would have found this bug on my own.


Download NouveauPG 1.01b (2.5 MB)

How to encrypt your address for a black-market site with NouveauPG

OpenPGP is the de facto standard from keeping your address out of the hands of the site operators or whoever takes control of their servers. NouveauPG can encrypt, decrypt, and keep track of your OpenPGP data in one window.

This is a quick guide to using NouveauPG to encrypt your address when ordering on dark net marketplaces.

Copy the public key certificate to the clipboard
Copy the public key certificate to the clipboard

First, find the public key certificate of your vendor. It is usually on the vendor’s profile page. Copy it to the clipboard. Now press the “Import from Clipboard” button in the NouveauPG window.

Importing clipboard contents into NouveauPG
A public key certificate has been validated and can be imported into NouveauPG

If all goes well you should see a dialog asking you if you want to import the public key. This will keep the public key saved inside NouveauPG so you can send more encrypted messages without importing the key again. If you are having issues importing a certificate, please e-mail me the certificate, or at least the client version.

Press “New Message” and write your address.

Composing a message
Composing a message

After you finish writing your message, make sure you have selected the correct recipient using the encryption recipient menu shown above. If you cannot find your intended recipient in the menu, import their public key certificate. Press “Encrypt” when you have selected a recipient.



Now you have an encrypted copy of your address. Now you can breathe a little easier the next time a market you use disappears.