How to Encrypt Messages using NouveauPG for OS X

NOTE: this post pertains to v1.10 OpenPGP allows you to pass secure data  across an insecure channel such websites, forums, and even private e-mail. To decrypt messages, you first must generate a key pair before anyone can encrypt messages for you. The key pair has a public part and a private part. Often the public part is called a public key certificate. If you only want to send encrypted messages to another party using OpenPGP, you do not need to generate a key. You need to get the public key certificate of the intended recipient. [caption id="attachment_22" align="alignnone" width="1321"]Copy the public key certificate to the clipboard Copy the public key certificate to the clipboard[/caption] Copy the public key certificate to your clipboard. [caption id="attachment_23" align="alignnone" width="1301"]Importing clipboard contents into NouveauPG A public key certificate has been validated and can be imported into NouveauPG, Note this is from an older version, but the popup is the same[/caption] Import the public key certificate from your clipboard. Make sure it is selected as your current recipient. Press encrypt. Your encrypted message will pop up, where you can copy the message to the clipboard or save to a file. It is practically impossible to decrypt the message without the private key, so you can post the message anywhere without worrying about anyone else reading it.]]>