Quickstart Guide to NouveauPG for OS X

import their certificate into NouveauPG. [caption id="attachment_132" align="alignnone" width="1642"] You can import public key certificates from either the clipboard or a file.[/caption] Before using a certificate, be sure it’s valid. NouveauPG will warn before performing encryption with an invalid certificate.  Click on Compose Message to write a new message for the recipient. You can either type a message or choose a file to encrypt. At this time, NouveauPG will only encrypt plain text files. (UTF-8 supported) You can export your encrypted message by copying to the clipboard, or save as a text file. If you wish to receive encrypted messages from another party, you must first create a new identity. Press the add button on the lower left hand corner of the window. An identity looks a lot like the public key certificate but you have two more options: Decrypt Message and Private Keystore The two new options are protected by the password you chose while creating the account. To decrypt a message, either paste the encrypted message in the space provided or load an encrypted message from a file. You should use the Private Keystore feature to backup your identity. Make sure your keystore is saved on an encrypted volume. To restore an identity, or move it to a new computer, simply import the private key block. The number one issue that people have brought up (which I mention in numerous places is that you cannot export your private key to a different PGP program) There is a good reason for this, it’s very technical but it’s the reason NouveauPG has such a simpler interface than any other competitors.]]>

NouveauPG for OS X waiting for review

new icon The New Icon[/caption] After taking into account feedback from the beta last year, and taking a “break” to develop NouveauPG for iOS, I am now pleased to announce the first GA release of NouveauPG for OS X. Functionally, not much has changed from the beta, however many bugs have been removed and the interface is polished to the degree expected in the Apple App Stores. [caption id="attachment_107" align="aligncenter" width="1624"]Screen Shot 2015-03-01 at 1.02.07 PM Screenshot[/caption]]]>