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Hello world!

Welcome to the new home of NouveauPG now with SSL, will continue to redirect here.


NouveauPG is the slickest, easiest to use communication utility for MacOS. It is compatible with all common OpenPGP clients. I cannot seem to emphasize this enough, you can’t import keys from another client into NouveauPG. The user this was intended for is new to PGP communication. This is a feature, not a bug, and part of the reason in my opinion that OpenPGP still has relatively adoption unlike, say, email. NouveauPG also allows you to ‘piggyback’ on other forms of communication like e-mail and forums using ‘ASCII Armor’. So unlike Signal, and other well funded services this doesn’t tie you to an ecosystem.


For the time being, is the internet address. There are some very strange things happening with I’m hoping to have everything back up ASAP, but for the meantime is the temporary address.

UPDATE: well this is weird, I can access via Tor, but not my home connection. I’m sure it’s nothing. I have more pressing matters, just thought this was interesting.

Well this is weird, I can access through Tor.

UPDATE (Nov 2, 2019): I have moved hosting from Amazon to Linode to be done with these shenanigans. My day job is similar.